Christmas Concert 2002 

achill_sound.jpg alice.jpg cioncert_ticket.jpg concert.jpg
The Achill Sound band Alice Gallagher Concert Ticket Concert
concert_article.jpg concert_article2.jpg cool_shoes.jpg pat.jpg
Concert Article
Concert Article 2
cool shoes
Pat Gallagher
session10.jpg session11.jpg session2.jpg session3.jpg
Session in the Trentmann Pub Stapletons at the Trentmann Sorcha & Anne Sorcha & Anne 2
session4.jpg session5.jpg session6.jpg session7.jpg
Pat, Alice and Wolfgang Pat, Alice and Wiltraud Sorcha, Anne & Ted Trentmann session
session8.jpg trentmann_session1.jpg
Uli and Gisbert sing
at the Trentmann
Claire & Alice
at the Trentmann

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